Werkgroep Cardiologische centra Nederland

About WCN

Our mission

WCN is committed to deliver high quality clinical research to improve our patients’ health.

About WCN

WCN (Werkgroep Cardiologische centra Nederland) is a research network of almost 60 cardiovascular institutes within the Netherlands. We partner with pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO) and academic research organizations (ARO) from trial design to publication. Our network members are experienced professionals with excellent knowledge of clinical research. Together with qualified research professionals and dedicated staff, WCN ensures quality in clinical research. From start to finish, we maintain a reliable association throughout the collaboration.

At WCN we are driven by heart.

Our positioning

WCN positions itself as a key player in the field of clinical research and as the representative of all associated cardiovascular institutes in the Netherlands. View our corporate factsheet.

Strong presence in the Netherlands

Our network consists of alsmost 60 cardiovascular institutes across the Netherlands. Click here for an overview of our network members. 

How to engage with WCN

If you are interested in our services or study portfolio we invite you to contact us.