Werkgroep Cardiologische centra Nederland

 Industry Initiated Studies

Site identification

During our feasibility process, we assess all research proposals in-depth to ensure we meet the expectations and provide true estimates. Following a thorough site selection process, WCN delivers a balanced site list ensuring experience, quality, patient targets and investigator motivation.

Study coordination

Successfully conducting a clinical trial requires experienced, dedicated and flexible resources. At WCN, we understand the necessity of executing clinical trials within the pre-set timeframe and are organized accordingly. We ensure project engagement by means of a committed project manager and appointed study director, who are in collaboration with a research professional who acts as study-coordinator. This team supervises study progress and protocol adherence and mediates in case of any operational difficulties throughout the study.

Contract management is done centrally from the WCN office advancing the contract negotiation process and simplifying the investigator payments. WCN uses the national CTA template.


In addition to the above services, we also offer our members online continuous learning GCP training courses. Please note that the courses are provided in Dutch. For an overview of the upcoming courses we refer to our Dutch website or invite you to contact us for more information about training opportunities.