Werkgroep Cardiologische centra Nederland

WCN Congress 2019

The annual WCN congress was first held in 1988 and is the place for our members and partners to interact. The congress is attended by cardiologists, internal medicine and vascular doctors, aspiring researchers, research professionals and industry partners. The program offers a variety of scientific lectures, keynotes and dedicated research exchange sessions. The congress is an inspiring platform to share knowledge and connect with like-minded professionals.


WCN members: This year we have chose to centralize enrolment for each of the WCN sites in order to speed up the registration process. The third representative will be coordinating the enrolments within each of the WCN sites. This means that personal enrolment is not required this year. Go to the WCN website in order to find out who your third representative is.

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During the WCN congress we take a moment to award those professionals who have done exceptional work in the field of clinical research. The Research Awards are given to the research team and the research professional of the year. The WCN Research Prize is awarded to three young scientific researchers, selected by a multi-disciplinary jury, to encourage cardiovascular research.

The renowned Dunselman commemorative medal is named for dr. Peter Dunselman, who is one of the founders of WCN. This award is handed out during the congress, following  the Dunselman Lecture. The Dunselman commemorative medal, containing the image of dr. Peter Dunselman, is created by Olga van der Vorst and is awarded to cardiovascular doctors with a proven track record.